this was just too cute and i had to attempt to translate it.  i know it’s not perfect, but i just wanted other people to understand how cute and touching this clip was.  it’s from this video, from 3:50 onward:

(credit: nguyenmt1401@youtube) 

(3:50 pd) now we have one last mission for you.  we will show you the message on the tv screen. 

(4:05 screen cap) to my beloved son…

(4:08 djmom) my beloved doojoon, it’s mom.  your path has been lonely and tired, and you know your dad and i were opposed to it.  i hope you always show us your hard working side, and you know that your health is more important than anything else.  i can’t be by your side to take care of you, so make sure to eat well, don’t get injured and stay healthy.  and to junhyung, yoseob, hyunseung, kikwang and dongwoon who are practicing with you, i hope you go forward while constantly covering eachother’s errors and understanding and encouraging eachother.  keep going and moving forward until the day you become famous musicians.  i love you son… bye…

(5:01 dwmom) dongwoon, it’s mom.  after living comfortably at home and sleeping by yourself and eating mom’s cooking, you went to live in the dorms with your hyungs and slept together, so i think it must be hard on you.  dongwoonah..  no matter what don’t become greedy, just take it one step at at time.  i hope that each of you can live out your dream of becoming a singer.  work hard!  fighting!

(5:36 ysmom) yoseobah, we’ve written letters, and wanted to do this video message before, but since it’s the first i’m not sure how to open my mouth.  to me you are always our childlike son, but when i see you pretend like nothing happened every time something bad or distressing happens to you so that mom and dad won’t worry and then you go off to cry by yourself it makes me cry too.  i believe that your young heart and these things you’ve endured will sustain you later.  i hope you all work hard to show us a good side.  you know what mom always says, right?  yoseob, i believe in you.  i believe in our son.  right now i believe in you all.  let’s work hard, fighting!

(6:49 announcer) the b2st members didn’t expect the video message and their eyes have turned red.  it was a precious time where they could feel the love of their parents and get encouragement to go after their dreams.

(7:03 dj) i thought the teacher was going to come on and show us the mission, but as soon as i saw my mom’s face, suddenly, because i didn’t expect it, the reaction came from my eyes first.  i remembered the connection i have with my mom and the fights we’ve had and my heart started crying.

(7:39 ys) i haven’t seen my mom’s face in a long time, so that just kind of came out of me.  later after i succeed i’m going to give her a lot of things..  if i keep thinking about it now i’m going to cry again, but i want to tell my family thank you.  and i love you. 

(8:08 dw) i’m the youngest at home too, so i know my parents are worried about me, but i will call every day, so don’t worry.  i’m going to work hard to show you a good side.  i love you.  dad too.  huyng too.  

(8:37 jh) i just talked to my mom on the phone before recording this.  my mom asked “aren’t you tired?” so i told her how i was feeling, then we came here and you showed us the video messages.  they were a lot like my mom, so i just started crying without realizing it.  it’s been a long time since i’ve cried like that.  

(9:10 hs) i wish i could go see my mom in person after this, it would be nice to see her face once, but that can’t happen.  i should call her every day, but i really don’t call her very often.  i love you mom.

(9:29 kk) it’s a new start, even a new start for performing, and a lot of times are changing right now.  i won’t let go, and i’ll really hold onto this opportunity.  i will strive to become a good and filial son to my parents.  mom, i’ll make you happy.  i love you from my heart.